The Managing Partners

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John De Napoli

John has over 30 years of experience in Media Sales and Marketing across various Broadcast digital media platforms with many organisations within the industry. Key revenue channels include Airtime Sales, Sponsorship, AFP, Interactive and Mobile where he was instrumental in both strategic revenue planning and delivering revenues. He has launched over 20 major channels and many smaller channels across various platforms including ITV2. He has established a number of successful sales companies that delivered significant revenues in the broadcast market. 

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Damon Letzer

Damon has worked in the commercial sector of TV for 30 years. First within major broadcasters, such as ITV & Channel 4, and more recently setting up commercial businesses relevant to today's market. Damon's skills, contacts and experience have enabled him to become an expert in all aspects of media, this is proven by his track record. As joint founder of Mean Broadcast, Damon has seen the business grow and develop as the market place changes.